Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 3

        I am half way done with the MTC!!!! So pumped to get out of here!! Ok, that may have sounded bad, but every Sunday our CCM president gives us a devotional...and he is just awesome! He gets us so pumped to go preach the gospel, half the time I am convinced I don’t even need to know Spanish! I just want to get out there and begin changing lives!
         Ok, so last P-day we had less time because we were going to the Guatemala City Central Market. It was awesome! I negotiated with some locals and bought myself a sick hacky sack and probably the coolest native/tribal shirt you have ever seen! Then we went to Wendy' s and it tasted soooo amazing... we were all so pumped to taste some cheep fried American food again!        
         Later this week we gave the best lesson of our lives! Like our Spanish was high quality and the spirit was there and I know it was obviously just practice, but on the reals it was awesome and helped boost my spirits.  I think God knows just how far he can push me before helping me out... It seems like every time I get down He gives me a little something that makes me happy again.  Whether it be a fellow nerd moving in to my room that loves Harry Potter and Star Wars and has read Fault in our Stars, seen gossip girl and vampire diaries, or the amazing trip to the temple we got to have this morning.
Overall things are going good. Thank you for all the emails and letters! They help a ton!!

Love, Elder Davis

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