Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 2

So we only have half as much time to write today, and I spent most of it reading your emails to me.  Thanks so much! They are awesome and I love hearing from home.

Oh pictures.. We got our cameras confiscated day 1 at the MTC because of some problems they had in the past... sorry.

So this was a hard, but good week. The Spanish is coming along, but I am still not close to being ready.

All of the Latinos that came in the same time I did left today- pretty sad about it actually because they were awesome! And I really just kinda want to get out of this place! I have like half of my floor calling the CCM (MTC in Spanish) the concentration camp for missionaries! Like it really feels like we are in jail! And this Nazi (that is what we call him) started directing us with a whistle... so I now I really feel like a prisoner. But whatever, I guess I will be blessed for following the rules!

Mom, before I forget My scripture is D & C 11:21 (Thanks Brenna!)

Funny story... the Latinos in my room tell me that every night I start speaking perfect Spanish (like I legit sound like a Latino) in my sleep...Why the heck cant I do that while I am awake?!!
Then I realized... I Pray for the gift of tongues before I go to bed!!! I need to start praying in the mornings! (I know it makes perfect sense)

So the other day I was having a pretty hard day... like nothing was wrong, I am just bored of doing the same thing day after day, and possibly feeling a little homesick. But this sister in my district was having a terrible day. She was just crying and crying. I think regarding how she left some things at home, but I am not sure. And all at once the 4 of us elders in the room got the exact same prompting to ask her if she wants a blessing of comfort. Like it was kinda freaky because we all looked up at the same time and knew that is what we needed to do.  And holy cow it definitely helped her, but it also helped me. The spirit was so strong and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It is weird to think 4 kids who a month ago were messing around in high school, now hold the Melchizedek priesthood and were able to do that... It was just awesome!

So the 4th of July was tough... All I could think about all day was every year going to the clinic, and this year Stadium of fire! President Cox knew it would be a hard day though, so he had the chef cook American food all day. We got burgers and fries for lunch, and RIBS for dinner!!! Nothing can cheer me up like some good old ribs!

Doing good and working hard.
Love you all,
Elder Davis

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