Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 83 The 12 and a Rottweiler

This week was awesome!! 

Wednesday we had the worldwide mission conference that was great!! Then on Saturday Quinten L. Cook visited El Salvador!! 

His message was so awesome and it helped a lot! I know without a doubt that he and the other members of the 12 and the first presidency are called and guided by God. It's reassuring to know that God guides his church and for that, it will never stir away from the truth. 

So Saturday night this family invited us to eat. They are the poorest family you have ever seen and have so many mouths to feed because they never turn anyone away (they have taken in so many kids of relatives who haven't taken good care of them). The wife (Sister Cecilia) is the funniest and happiest person you have ever met. If you ask her why she is always happy she will tell you, "because I am Mormon, why wouldn't I be happy". 

When we showed up it was obvious that she didn't talk and after a few minutes excused herself to go lay down. Turns out she is super sick and is going to need an operation. They don't have money for the operation and are trying to figure out what to do... in fact they didn't even have money to get food that night for us and chose to not eat breakfast or lunch to be able to give us the little they had for dinner. 

Before we left we were able to give her a blessing and help the little we could. This family has some of the biggest challenges I have ever seen, but they are always happy. They are always looking for ways to serve others. They are always preaching the gospel. And they are always living their covenants. They are the perfect example of Christ like people and have helped me understand what it truly means to be a Christian. I hope to one day be more like them. 

Oh yeah and they have a fat rottweiler that bit me as I was sitting in the house... it's all good though, just can't use my thumb much (which makes typing interesting haha) but its already getting better! hahaha 

I am super happy to be here and everything is going good. Thanks for all your support!

Elder Davis

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