Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 81

Another week here in Sensuntepeque. I learned that the word sensunte in some Indian language means place of many hills... my life all of a sudden makes sense. haha

This week we had an awesome multi-zone conference with President Vasquez. I guess the convert baptisms around the world dropped this year and Salt Lake is giving a ton of instructions and seminars to the mission presidents to stay on top of things. The mission is going through even more changes... honestly everything has changed since when I got here. The progression and inspiration of our mission president and the general authorities that give instructions to him is just awesome to see. The work of the Lord will progress no matter what efforts Satan throws at us.

In the multi-zone conference Sister Vasquez spoke on patience. It was awesome and a true answer to my prayers. Crazy how God is always so willing to answer us when we have faith. 

One morning we woke up at 4 and went to a less actives corn field. We had an hour and a half hike out to it... then worked until oneish cutting down the maicillo (not sure how to say that in english) and headed back home. It was super fun. I became friends with his deaf-mute brother who was helping us (see pic) and learned the art of using the "cuma" the curved machete-like thing. Super awesome day. 

Other than that just trying to help our investigators progress... It's interesting how Satan puts obstacles in the paths of the most amazing people, but without doubt God will help us see how to resolve the challenges. 

Love you  and thanks for eveything,

Elder Davis 

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