Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 84 Service and Stuff

This week I made the goal to give as much service as I could to as many people as I could. With that as the basis, this week turned into a very good one! I don't think anything can make someone quite as happy as just serving others all day every day:) 

My hand is doing great... I have no doubt the power of the priesthood has helped it heal so fast because I really needed it this week to get in all of the stuff we wanted to do. Thank goodness we live in a time where the priesthood power is here on earth! 

Oh yeah... I finally bought a blender!!! Smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to be delicious!! Super excited to start using it! 

It looks like this Wednesday I'm going to get my new comp and start training again...I hope he's American so I can practice how to speak like a normal person in English again (2 days ago I was asked to give a prayer in English... it turned out super bad.  haha It was just my Spanish translated and all jumbled up haha).

  This change has been by far the hardest of my mission, but I have learned so much that it is all worth it. The atonement has new meaning each time we depend fully on the Savior to help us in things we have no control over. He is always listening and always willing to help. 

Love you guys, have a great week! 
Elder Davis

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