Tuesday, February 9, 2016

week 85

Another awesome week has come and gone. 

Wednesday at 4 am I jumped on a bus alone (I felt so weird being alone for the first time in my mission... but its the new way we are doing changes) and headed to San Salvador to pick up my new comp. 

Got to the meeting and started checking out all the new people... they all looked pretty good actually, but I was hoping to get one of the 2 gringos. We had our little meeting and then president gave us our assignments and I got put with Elder Bingham, a gringo from Idaho. Needless to say I was pretty excited. 

Being with a new American has made me realize/remember a few things: 
1. My English sucks
2. There are a lot of super weird things here in El Salvador that I forgot are weird 
3. Starting a mission and not knowing the language at all is pretty dang hard
4. Americans are so much more practical than people of other countries

We had a pretty great first week together. He is cool and pretty down to earth. I got a sore throat and it was so hard because he couldn't talk or understand anyone and I could barley whisper.... but I got a blessing and we were able to make it through our lessons:)

Super happy and working hard!

Love Elder Davis

pic of me sacrificing a chicken over this altar (actually it is the base of this oven we are building haha) 

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