Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 99

This week has been sweet. It started out kinda tough when I rolled my ankle playing soccer on Monday. Then I tried to still go buy the groceries and placed it bad on the road and it just kinda gave out and I ate pavement. haha Somehow with the help of my comp we got home and it was super swollen already. I rested Monday night, but we had important appointments Tuesday and we couldn't give it another day to rest, so I asked my companion to give me a blessing before bed. When we woke up Tuesday it still hurt and was still swollen but I wrapped it up good and we went out to work. We walked brutally slow but were able to make our appointments. Wednesday I was walking at a decent pace, and even though the swelling continued, it didn't hurt anymore. Its such a miracle to be able to be able to receive a priesthood blessing and see just how fast God heals you when you need it. 

Friday we woke up at about 4 am to go help Hermano Rivera clean up the corn fields because its almost time to plant again. Super fun and tiring work, but it just feels good to be out in nature and get in some physical labor. 

The work is going well. We are having quite a bit of success activating people. Then those that we have been helping come back are telling us about other less actives that we are going to find and teach. It's like a never ending chain of people and blessings. 

Today we went into San Salvador with an investigator and bought some souvenirs and such. It was a fun day, just bargaining with a bunch of people who think they can charge you double because you are in a white shirt and tie. haha

Everything is awesome!
Love Elder Davis

pics: in the corn field 

and Ricardo (an investigator) that bought me a cake when he found out I was going home soon- such a good guy 

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