Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 100 Corn, ankles, and hammocks

This week was pretty awesome. We got to go back to Hno Riveras place and start to plant all the corn and beans. It was nice and cool because we started so early in the morning and just some good relaxing work.

 About 10 am or so we ate some mangos for breakfast and then the brother asked us if we could climb some big trees and cut down all the branches (corn doesn't like shade). We climbed up and began to machete away at the branches, but all of a sudden we were getting bit by a swarm of wasps. We got down as fast as we could and from the ground found the 6 wasp nests that were in the 2 trees. We knocked them down and then went to keep planting for about 1 hour more. When we came back to finish cutting off the branches we assumed the wasps would all be gone. So we climbed the trees, began cutting again, and then all of a sudden got bit a few more times and got out of the tree as fast as possible.  My comp Elder Tineo in his rush to get down put his weight on a branch that wasn't strong enough to hold his weight and it snapped on him and he fell down on his ankle. 

We piggy-backed him the 40 minute walk back to the brothers house, and organized a quick division so I could do a couple visits and he could stay resting his foot. Needless to say, we weren't able to work 2 days last week because he couldn't walk, and the 1 other day we did work we walked miserably slow.  haha But I give him lots of credit for going for it anyways. 

The branch pretty much thinks of us as the gimp companionship now because we both have hurt our ankles. haha He is getting better and we hope to work every day this week!

Other than that, we saw lots of blessing this week. The attendance rose by 3 more and even though less members showed up, the Lord blessed us with a truck-bed full of investigators to compensate. My goal when I got into this area was an attendance of 80 before I left in sacrament meeting. We are going to work like crazy this week to try and give it one last push and see if we can't achieve it. 

Hope everyone is happy at home. Thanks for all the emails!

Love Elder Davis

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