Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 98 Progression

This week was full of miracles! Since the beginning of this change we have been doing anything and everything we could think of to help our branch grow. President promised us as a mission that if we were willing to give up anything and everything for the Lord he would consecrate our efforts and we would accomplish things that have never been done in this mission. 

At the end of last week it would appear that our efforts had been in vain. The best family we had went south, we ended up having to drop the majority of our investigators, 1 less active family we were working with stopped accepting us in their home, and the overall branch attendance dropped to where we were at about 2 months ago. We put in a big self analysis and searched for anything we could change. In our prayers we told God we were willing to make any sacrifice and change anything about ourselves and how we work to please him. 

Saturday morning we were cleaning the chapel and decided to put up 15 more chairs in the sacrament room than what we normally put. It didn't seem to make sense since the week before we hadn't even filled the normal amount of chairs, but we went for it. 

This week after 3 weeks of not giving up through trials, the Lord decided to let the blessings flow until there was not room to receive them. We actually saw that promise come to pass almost literally when there nearly wasn't enough space in the back of the pickup (we pay this less active guy to fill his pickup with people from this nearby town we are working in) to hold the investigators and 1 inactive family we brought to church. 

One lady shouted at us to come to her door on Saturday when we were walking by. She told us she was baptized in the church 10 years ago and hasn't gone in a very long time, but that she decided to get over her pride and go the next day. She didn't even give us room to talk, just promising to get active again. haha

On Sunday the branch attendance was 70 people! Can't tell you how grateful we are. God has been so good to us and we are more animated than ever to keep working. 

Another truly amazing experience happened in Elders Quorum. During sacrament a recent convert was called as branch secretary, and 3rd hour he was to receive the melchizedek  priesthood. As we walked in to the class he told me the mission president's counselor that had interviewed him said he could choose who he wanted to give him the priesthood and he asked me to do it. The room was full of such an amazing spirit. I can't describe just how happy you feel when one of your converts makes such great leaps in the gospel. They become like your kids. You are always worried about them, always praying for them, help them learn how to tie a tie, buy them their first white shirt and then all of a sudden they are self sufficient and you don't have to be hovering over them and you just trust them to make the right choices. I just love being here. 

Everything is great. I'm happy and working hard. Hope you are all doing well. 

Oh and it was cool talking to you guys yesterday. You all look good!
Elder Davis

Pics:  Elder Tineo and I

I have a few pairs of socks I should probably throw away. hahaha

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