Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 71 Day of the Dead

This week was awesome. We got an email Wednesday giving the details of what our mission president wanted for the Day of the Dead activity Sunday and yesterday. It was crazy getting everything together! For Day of the Dead everyone in this country goes to the cemeteries and visits the graves of their ancestors or family members that has died. Last year nearly all of us missionaries had nothing to do because nobody was in their houses to teach, so this year we decided to go where the people were.. the cemeteries.

We got permission from the government (most cemeteries here are owned by the gov.) but some bureaucratic dweeb told us we could only do it Sunday because Monday the cemetery gets to full... So my companion and I spent nearly an entire day in the town hall complaining to anyone who would listen... finally the mayor got to work and we told him if he loved Jesus and wanted any christian (the entire world here is christian) to vote for him ever again, he would let us do our activity. hahaha Maybe he didn't know all other churches pretty much hate us but he bought it and gave us permission to do the activity both days:) 

In the end we had stands all over all the cemeteries in San Miguel with tons of information about the plan of salvation and family history. It was a huge success and we had hundreds of references!! The spirit of Elijah touched the hearts of so many and we are so excited to start contacting a lot of these positive people! 

Great week that ended even better! 

Hope everyone is doing well

Elder Davis

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