Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 70 Border hopping and ticket dodging

This week was so great!! We had almost the entire week to work in our area, and the Lord blessed us so much for the efforts we gave!! We found some great people, droppeed some not so great people, and taught some really spiritual lessons. 

We also put a challange out to the zone for putting baptismal dates in November. If they completed it, they got to soak us (my comp and I and the district leaders) with water balloons while we sat in chairs unable to move. With that motivation we broke the zone record for baptisimal dates placed in a week and I got pegged by about 50 water balloons this morning.  hahaha Definitely worth it. 

Oh yeah, I also took a trip to Honduras.... accidently. We had to take a trip to La Union with the assistants to drop one of them off there. On the way back Elder Castro (who got his license a week ago) was driving... I was scared for my life because he does not know how to drive (they give a license to anyone here), but he refused to let me or my comp drive because he "needed to practice". Then he took another road that he thought was a shortcut... about 30 minutes down the road there was a permanent road block with soldiers stopping the cars, checking them and then letting them through. We got passed through and thought it was super wierd, but drove down the road for another 10 minutes before the elder would ask someone for directions. We asked someone if we were on the road for San Miguel and he busted up laughing saying we had just crossed the border into Honduras! hahaha On our way back we saw the big Honduras flag as we passed back into El Salvador and felt like idiots. But it was hilarious and super fun!! 

Overall a great week, super happy and pushing forward. 

Love Elder Davis

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