Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 69

Another great week has past. We had tons of time to work, and found some awesome people. My favorite part of the week was finding Robert. He is a 35ish year old guy who has been drinking and smoking for 15 years. We've visited him everyday since we found him on Tuesday and he now has 4 days without drinking and 3 without smoking. He came to church Sunday and is so animated to give up his vices and be baptized!! Such an awesome guy! 

Other than that, the most eventful thing that happened was Friday night we got a call from an area in the zone. They had gotten home, planned, and ate dinner, but when they went into there room to change there was graffiti all over the walls. Someone had jumped the wall and gotten into their house while they were out and tagged it up with gang stuff. They had already been threatened by a recent converts gang banger brother earlier in the week so they were freaking out. We got a member to pick them up that night and take them to another elders house. Then Saturday morning we went back to the house, had to take pics for evidence, and then spent all day (until 6:30 in the afternoon) searching for a new house for them to rent. We finally found one, spent another 30 minutes bargaining down the price into the mission budget and moved them in the same day. It was probably one of the most exhausting days of my mission, but after we finally got home late Saturday night, we just crashed on the hammocks and felt really good knowing the elders were safe and we were able to help them out a little. 

I think that's the best part of the mission, just having countless opportunities and sufficient time every day to serve others. Normal life is just too busy to dedicate everyday to serve others, but I'm loving and taking advantage of all the opportunities I can here. 

Overall we had a great week.  Hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Davis

Pics:  Cleaning the smell of death out of our ceiling and my water lucky charms (I chose to buy a jump rope instead of milk this week... not sure if I regret my decision or not haha)

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