Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 72 Another change in chapa

We just got the changes call and it looks like my comp and I are sticking together here in Chaparrastique, San Miguel! We are excited because things are all good here. 

Sunday was a great day full of great experiences. It all started when we went to get investigators in the morning and take them to church. We left earlier, but found nothing but 4 closed doors. We got to the chapel about 5 mins before the meeting started and not a single investigator was there. The bishop asked us to bless the sacrament and so we went to sit on the stand. As we began singing the first hymn I began to pray. I was pretty upset with myself for not having any investigators there... and more than anything was asking for forgiveness (a few months ago a 70 came to our mission and one of the things he said is that if we don't have investigators in sacrament meeting we need to be on our knees begging forgiveness). I felt pretty bad and was trying to come up with ideas of things I could have done differently to have had people there. As the opening prayer finished I felt peace come over me, like God was telling me he was content with my work and everything would be ok. Before we knelt down to bless the sacrament more investigators than I have ever had in this area showed up to church. It was an awesome and humbling experience that helped remind me no matter what I do, without the help of God I will never succeed. 

Other than that we found a few super great investigators and I went an entire week without eating chips to prove to my comp that I'm not addicted. A new investigator has a new BMW 7 series and he asked if I had a license and then offered to let me take it to San Salvador for changes Wednesday (probably the biggest temptation I've had on my mission haha) because he lived in California and said California drivers are the best. Wasted 2 hours fighting with a Jehovah witness because he offended my comp when my comp couldn't find a scripture and then we just let lose and attacked him with scriptures, ate some of the corn that we planted last change, and played a ton of soccer!

Overall another great week filled with blessings!

Super excited to see who comes into the zone this change!! Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Davis

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