Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 90 Adventures and Pie

Happy pi day!!! I did nothing to celebrate (I don't know if they have pies here) but back home I hope everyone is celebrating like crazy... If mom wants to take out my trusty old ti84 and do some math to celebrate you are welcome to do so:) 

I didn't have changes. Woohoo!! Another 6 weeks in Sensunte!! (I'm very happy) 

On Monday this week my companion and I tried to put up a pull up bar. We got it all well placed up (holy cow I can't even do 3 pull ups- I've got to get myself into shape) but accidently snapped the pipe on the water tank we had hung it from... the tank started dumping out all of its water and we got soaked trying to tape the thing... in the end we lost all of our water and went without showering until Thursday haha. It was a pain but we went down to the hardware store to buy some stuff and get it tapped off. Such a pain, but kinda fun experience... not sure how bad I smelled- but with how much we sweat, you can imagine. hahaha

We finally killed the rat!!!! Sunday morning I was reading the BOM in my hammock while Elder Bingham got ready... and suddenly he started screaming. He was going to put on his shoe when the rat jumped out of it onto his shoulder.  hahaha We locked it in the room and started chasing it with a broom stick and my machete. After 5 minutes Elder Bingham banged it in the head and it dazed him enough for me to bash him with the machete... it was a big victory:) Now nothing will eat my food anymore (hopefully).

We spent a couple days searching for a house for the sisters that got sent here on Wednesday and then spent a lot of time Friday moving them in. Its awesome to have another set of missionaries here. I'm sure they will help our Relief Society a lot... but they took about 70% of our area so we are going to have to start branching out a lot this week going to little towns in buses and see if we can get some new people... Should be exciting. haha 

It was an eventful/ good week. Doing great and happy as ever! 

Elder Davis

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