Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 89 New Roomie

This week was awesome! We found out that 3 separate households we were teaching are all related... We street contacted them all separately and at different times, none of them knew we were visiting each other, and they all showed up to church on Sunday and were shocked to see each other.   haha It was an awesome moment!! 

This week they broadcasted district/stake conference for all Central America with elder Anderson from Salt Lake. It was a cool conference... It was a little hard for investigators to show up for the first time and have to sit down for 2.5 hours straight without any breaks or anything, but the spirit was felt and multiple people had spiritual experiences. 

This week we also had a new room mate move in with us... every night while we were asleep he would eat our food:( First our bread, then all of our pancake mix and then our margarine... He left his little teeth marks all over our margarine and that's when things got personal. We need to get rid of this stupid rodent!! Finally today we bought a rat trap that supposedly will kill him in un solo so hopefully it works, because we are running out of food to share. 

We got this inactive family to go to church. They were baptized like 20 years ago, but only show up 3 or 4 Sundays a year. We talked to them about getting sealed (along with their 2 kids and their wives who live with them), but even though they have a strong desire to do it, they still have a lot of commandment problems... We were trying to see how to keep their goal in their minds always and then decided just to put it near all the places they might sin in the house.  hahaha One word of wisdom sign next to the stove, law of chastity signs by the TV, etc. and one giant sign with the date of there sealing on the door:) They now have 4 days without coffee and are progressing. haha

Everything is going great. I felt the trial of faith last month, but the blessings are pouring in this month and should continue strong throughout next month:)

Grateful, working hard and happy!
Love Elder Davis

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