Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 76

As always this week was awesome. Some tough moments as usual, but overall super great. 

Being in a trio has been really fun. It's hard to get teaching down, but I like both my comps so it was really cool. I'm going to miss it:(

So we did divisions with a member on Tuesday and my comp supposedly found a couple super positive people living in the same house. Apparently they both accepted baptismal dates, the invitation to go to the temple, and the invitation to go to church. He set another appointment for Thursday and all day Thursday he just talked to us about how great of a lesson it was going to be. So we get there and an old man welcomes us into the tiny house and when we ask if the people were there he told us to go ahead and pass to the next room where they were. As we walked in there was the lady (who was supposed to be super positive) a random man, and a male prostitute who was dressed and acted like a girl getting off the ground.... we were so shocked and it took us a second to take it all in... not to mention the vodka bottles that were on the floor. The lady tried to make an excuse, but almost fell over drunk and started looking for the pamphlet my comp had left with her in a bag full of not so great stuff that the prostitute brought. We left the house, turned the corner and my comp sat on the sidewalk so confused while me and my other comp just busted up laughing... it was probably one of the funniest moments in my mission!! None of us could teach another lesson afterwards so we just went and bought pupusas and tried to stop laughing at my companion who had been talking all day about how great a lesson it was going to be! :) The El Salvador mission life never gets boring!! hahaha

Other than that we had our temple trip Saturday. It wasn't as successful as last time because none of the wards had money at the end of the year to pay for buses and it is a big blow financially on these people to travel up to San Salvador, but the people that we got there had a great trip. We got home and then I had probably the most spiritual and one of the happiest moments in my life, but I'll tell you about it another time. 

I am going to have changes Wednesday and have no idea where I'm going or who will be my comp for Christmas so it should be fun. I'm really going to miss this area and San Miguel. It is by far my favorite area in the mission and I am leaving behind a bunch of people that I love like family... but I am happy to see where the Lord sends me. 

Love you all.  Hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Davis

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